Areas Of Practice

From where you are, to where you want to be.


I provide therapy and coaching to individuals From adolescence (16-21), early adulthood (22-30) middle adulthood and beyond, I provide specialized therapeutic knowledge as it relates to individuals at any stage of development.


Sometimes it can feel like the world just doesn’t understand us, or like relationship patterns keep happening over and over again. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we can’t get the support that we so desperately need. I specialize in working with individuals to reshape their relationships. I help you to identify the relationships that support and assist you in finding new depths to the relationships we have.


Are you wondering how to best support your transgender or nonbinary child or adolescent? Are you hoping to receive affirming support for yourself through the process of gender transition? Are you a parent of a transgender on non-binary child and hoping to receive support for your experience. I am skilled in providing affirming care for gender and sexual orientation identities. I am also equipped to prepare recommendations for gender-affirming medication and surgeries.


People who have survived traumatic experiences can continue to struggle with symptoms long after the trauma has passed. Sometimes people notice that trauma has impacted their interpersonal relationships more than anything else. I provide a tailored approach to trauma, by tackling symptoms, relationships, or the isolation that can be created with survivorship, I are ready to do all that I can to help you get back in control of your experience.


Watching an addicted loved one destroy their lives, and the lives of those who love them can be extremely painful. As family members, you can take action and help lead them into a life of recovery. An Interventionist can help. Sobriety is more than just not using; it's about creating a new life that supports it. Maintaining sobriety during early recovery can be tough. Recovery coaching is an amazing resource that's been specifically designed to help clients live their best life.


Each person carries with them a constellation of identities. These identities may bring you strength or may serve to bring you pain based on how you are treated by others. I serve the whole person and consider not only how your identities inform therapy, but also how our identities as therapists inform what happens in the therapy environment.