Frequently Asked Questions

How can I benefit from therapy? 

The benefits of therapy can be truly profound. If you feel confined by your past, therapy can help you release the beliefs, patterns, and unprocessed experiences that keep you stuck.

Our work can help you:

  • Release patterns, behaviors or past experiences that hamper your current life

  • Reduce symptoms of depression & anxiety

  • Reduce fear & anger

  • Gain a sense of self-worth / self-esteem

  • Explore conscious parenting

  • Create healthy boundaries with others

  • Develop healthy self-care practices

  • Learn to communicate effectively

  • Connect to spirituality as defined by you

  • Gain skills to become more mindful, present and aware

  • Replace external/environmental ‘supports’ (e.g. drugs, food, etc.) with internal supports

  • Determine whether a relationship should continue or end

  • Feel “whole”

I’m tired of complaining about my problems. How can you help me make real changes?

I work with people to do real, transformative work. The work is designed to contain what makes you uncomfortable in a respectful, safe and warm- but not overwhelming environment. You will work through what blocks you, and you will find new ways of being and relating to the world around you

My previous therapist only listened and nodded. Will you actually talk to me?

I am an active therapist. I don’t just sit and stare! I believe in sharing, when appropriate, my own reflections, thoughts, and connections I may make. I employ a variety of modalities to best suit your unique needs. I create a holding environment where you will feel safe and heard so you can get the most out of our sessions

Do you offer video sessions?

Yes, I offer teletherapy to ongoing clients

How long have you been working with people?

I have over  eight years experience

How often will I need to come?

We will meet for 1hr once per week.  Meeting less frequently (i.e. every other week) is usually an option toward the end of treatment.

Will you recommend psychiatric evaluation & medication? 

 I work with many women and men who are already on psychotropic medication for anxiety, depression, etc. I should note that some clients do feel helped by medication and I support your own inclinations of what feels helpful/medicinal for you

Will it be uncomfortable if want or need to stop therapy?

I know sometimes former therapists make a client feel coerced or manipulated into remaining in therapy. I respect your feelings and needs, if you decide to leave treatment, I only encourage a closing session so that we can review the work we did.  

Do you take insurance?

I am considered an “Out-of-Network Provider.”  To find out whether you have benefits simply call your insurance provider, ask whether you have “out-of-network benefits for mental health,” and what those benefits are (deductible amount and percent reimbursed) I can provide you with a receipt to work towards your deductible.

Is my treatment confidential? 

Yes, your treatment is confidential, and your privacy is protected by HIPPA law. Confidentiality is only broken if you express an active plan to hurt yourself or someone else, in order to keep you or another safe. In rare cases, treatment records can be subpoenaed by court-order.